Here are some random facts about my background:

Deborah Abrams Kaplan

Journalist/Content Marketing Writer

About Me

  • I investigated medical malpractice claims for a professional liability insurance company for 7 years. I interviewed hundreds of doctors during that time, and reviewed medical records for more than 1,000 patients. Don't ever make me watch eye surgery.

  • I was a project manager for a healthcare technology company, as a liaison between PhD researchers, contract research organizations, medical offices and technology staff. I became an expert at mapping out interactive voice response (IVR) systems for mental health automated phone evaluations. (Yes, press 1 if you're depressed...)

  • I publish three blogs: Frisco Kids (since 2008) and Jersey Kids (since 2010) - focusing on family-friendly travel and activities in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the New Jersey/New York area. The Jersey Kids blog gives me an excuse to see a lot of Broadway shows (and write them off). And if you need some laughs, check out my personal blog, Letters from New Jersey.

  • I earned a certificate in managed care administration.

  • I've written dozens of articles on landscaping and lawn care, but can't keep my own plants or grass alive.

  • The best class I took in high school was typing. I can type 90+ words per minute, and even press the carriage return while I'm at it. Yes, I learned on a manual typewriter. That shows I'm versatile. I can also take accurate notes by hand, while maintaining eye contact with the person I'm interviewing. 

  • My journalism education came from four years of news and feature writing at my college newspaper, the Daily Pennsylvanian. My favorite piece to write was a profile of the head art packer at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

  • The State of Digital Publishing interviewed me about my writing life. Check it out!